Yellowstone’s first grizzly bear sighting of 2022

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Grizzly bear

NPS/Neal Herbert

Information Launch Date: March 8, 2022

Call: Morgan Warthin, (307) 344-2015

MAMMOTH Very hot SPRINGS, WY – On Monday, March 7, a pilot supporting Yellowstone Countrywide Park wildlife investigate noticed the 1st grizzly bear of 2022. The grownup bear was observed strolling in a meadow in the west-central part of the park.

The first bear sighting of 2021 occurred on March 13.

Male grizzlies come out of hibernation in early March. Girls with cubs emerge in April and early May possibly. When bears arise from hibernation, they appear for foodstuff and usually feed on elk and bison that died more than the winter. Often, bears will react aggressively to encounters with people when feeding on carcasses.

All of Yellowstone Countrywide Park is bear region: from the deepest backcountry to the boardwalks close to Previous Trustworthy. Guard on your own and the bears men and women occur here to delight in by adhering to these pointers:

  • Put together for a bear experience.
  • Carry bear spray, know how to use it, and make guaranteed it’s available.
  • Stay inform.
  • Hike or ski in teams of a few or extra, keep on preserved trails, and make noise. Stay clear of hiking at dusk, dawn, or at night time.
  • Do not operate if you come upon a bear.
  • Stay 100 yards (91 m) absent from black and grizzly bears. Approaching bears within just 100 yards is prohibited. Use binoculars, a telescope, or telephoto lens to get a nearer seem.
  • Shop food, garbage, barbecue grills, and other attractants in challenging-sided cars or bear-evidence food items storage containers.
  • Report bear sightings and encounters to a park ranger straight away.
  • Find out a lot more about bear protection.

“Spring website visitors climbing, skiing, or snowshoeing in the park can decrease the possibilities of encountering bears by averting minimal elevation winter season ranges, thermal places, and south-going through slopes wherever bears seek out out ungulate carcasses and spring vegetation shortly after rising from winter season dens,” stated Kerry Gunther, the park’s bear management biologist.  

Although firearms are allowed in the park, the discharge of a firearm by website visitors is a violation of park regulations. Bear spray has verified effective in deterring bears defending cubs and food items sources. It can also minimize the quantity of bears killed by people in self-protection.

The park restricts sure customer things to do in areas the place there is a higher density of elk and bison carcasses and tons of bears. Constraints will begin in some bear management locations on March 10.  

Editor’s take note: There are no photos of this particular bear. Images of grizzly bears can be uncovered on flickr.

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