Yellowstone visitation statistics for June 2021

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People today viewing a Beehive Geyser eruption

NPS / Jacob W. Frank

Information Launch Day: July 15, 2021

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MAMMOTH Hot SPRINGS, WY – The park hosted 938,845 recreation visits in June 2021, making it the park’s most-visited June on history. This is a 64% improve from June 2020 (573,205 recreational visits) and a 20% raise from June 2019 (781,853 recreation visits).

So much in 2021, the park has hosted 1,587,998 recreation visits, up 17% from 2019. This calendar year is in comparison to 2019 as a substitute of 2020 since of COVID-19.  

The checklist below exhibits the 12 months-to-date pattern for recreation visits above the past many years (through June):

2021 – 1,587,998
2020 – 719,054*
2019 – 1,358,629
2018 – 1,381,708
2017 – 1,354,137
2016 – 1,432,071

Summer time is Yellowstone’s busiest time. Millions of people stop by the park in June, July and August. If you approach to vacation to Yellowstone this summer, plan ahead, hope crowding, recreate responsibly and choose the Yellowstone Pledge to shield by yourself and the park. 
Much more information on park visitation, which include how we estimate these numbers, is out there on the NPS Stats site.

Editor’s observe: *The park was closed March 24-Might 18, 2020, because of to COVID-19. Two entrances were open up May possibly 18-31 and the remaining a few opened on June 1.

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