Yellowstone visitation statistics for August 2019

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A group of men and women pose for a image in the course of the steam phase of a Steamboat Geyser eruption

NPS/Jacob W. Frank

Information Release Date: September 10, 2019

Make contact with: Morgan Warthin, (307) 344-2015

Yellowstone hosted 820,006 visits in August 2019. This is a .74 % raise from August 2018.

So much in 2019, the park has hosted 3,114,696 visits, down .69 % from the same period of time past 12 months. 

The listing down below reveals the year-to-date craze for recreational visits above the past numerous many years (by means of August):

2019 – 3,114,696
2018 – 3,136,240
2017 – 3,232,708
2016 – 3,269,024
2015 – 3,133,965
2014 – 2,717,039

The continued superior amount of visitation in the park underscores the great importance of arranging a Yellowstone adventure forward of time. Guests ought to foresee delays or confined parking at preferred places, and check out existing ailments on the park’s website prior to they arrive.

Additional information on park visitation, which include how we calculate these quantities, is available on the NPS Stats internet site.

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