Yellowstone National Park fire danger lowered to HIGH, stage 1 fire restrictions lifted due to widespread rain

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News Release

Fireplace Hazard indicator at High

NPS / Jacob W. Frank

News Release Date: August 23, 2021

Call: Morgan Warthin, 307-344-2015

  • Yellowstone National Park lowered the parkwide fireplace danger from quite higher to HIGH due to an common of two inches of rain that fell across the park the week of August 16.  

  • Phase 1 fire restrictions (put in put July 1) are no for a longer time in result. The park will evaluate the need for restrictions for the remainder of the fire year. 

  • Campfires are allowed within founded fire rings in campgrounds and some backcountry campsites.  

  • Campfires must always be attended and cold to the contact just before abandoning. Soak, stir, feel and repeat until eventually cold. 

  • Visitors are reminded that negligently starting a wildfire may well end result in fines and/or imprisonment. 

  • Presently there are no energetic wildfires in the park. Stay educated about Yellowstone’s fire action. 

  • Visibility in the park varies thanks to drifting smoke from wildfires throughout the West. Visit for specifics.  

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