Visitation statistics for June 2019

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Vehicles coming by the East Entrance

NPS / Jacob W. Frank

Information Launch Day: July 12, 2019

Speak to: Morgan Warthin, (307) 344-2015

MAMMOTH Sizzling SPRINGS, WY – The park hosted 781,853 visits in June 2019. This is a 3.6 p.c decrease from last June (810,884 visits). It is also a minimize from June 2016 (838,316 visits) which remains the busiest month on record in Yellowstone. 

So significantly in 2019, the park has hosted 1,358,629 visits, down 1.7 percent from the exact same interval previous yr. The list underneath demonstrates the trend more than the last five decades. 12 months-to-day visitation in 2019 is 4.6 percent bigger than five many years ago in 2015. 

12 months-to-date Recreation Visits (as a result of June)

2019 – 1,358,629
2018 – 1,381,707
2017 – 1,354,138
2016 – 1,432,071
2015 – 1,298,855

The ongoing substantial stage of visitation in the park underscores the significance of planning a Yellowstone adventure ahead of time. Website visitors should anticipate delays or restricted parking at well-known locations, and check out highway situations on the park’s website right before they get there.

More facts on park visitation, together with how we work out these numbers, is obtainable on the NPS Stats web site.

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