Statement from Yellowstone National Park Lead Fisheries Biologist Todd Koel about Montana FWP’s announcement of the smallmouth bass found in the Gardner River, north of Yellowstone National Park

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Smallmouth bass

USFWS / Eric Engbretson

News Release Date: March 9, 2022

Speak to: Morgan Warthin, (307) 344-2015

“Smallmouth bass are an invasive predatory species that will threaten our wild and indigenous trout populations if they turn out to be proven in the upper Yellowstone River. Because anglers are really helpful at suppressing invasive fish in waters in which they coexist with native species this kind of as cutthroat trout, they will be necessary to eliminate and report any smallmouth bass caught in Yellowstone Countrywide Park when the fishing time opens Memorial Working day weekend. On top of that, Yellowstone National Park and USGS biologists will be sampling the Gardner and Yellowstone rivers, upstream of in which the invasive smallmouth bass was caught. Over the future several months, biologists will keep an eye on these rivers intently to gauge the probable extent of the invasion. Our goal is to guard indigenous fish populations and all-natural ecosystems. We will do everything in our electricity to protect against the institution of smallmouth bass in the park and prevent them from preying on and displacing trout and other indigenous fish.”


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