Several Trails Close for Peregrine Falcon Nesting in Acadia National Park

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Date: March 16, 2021

Contact: Jay Elhard, 207 288-8807

BAR HARBOR, MAINE – Peregrine falcons are all over again defending nesting territories in Acadia Nationwide Park. The Jordan Cliffs Trail, Precipice Trail, Valley Cove Path, and a part of the Orange & Black Route will near to public entry until eventually even more discover on March 17.

Park employees have observed grown ups at these web sites partaking in courtship and pre-nesting conduct signaling the birds’ intentions to nest and raise chicks throughout the spring and early summer time. The Nationwide Park Services has closed the cliffs and affiliated trails to general public entry to safeguard the peregrine falcons from inadvertent disturbance or harassment through the nesting interval.

“Peregrine falcon reintroduction is a person of Acadia’s big conservation accomplishment stories,” said Bik Wheeler, a park wildlife biologist. “Allowing these iconic birds to breed undisturbed underscores our dedication to protecting ecological integrity.”

Analysis has shown that nesting peregrine falcons are specially vulnerable to human functions, which can disturb the grownups and make them less attentive to the eggs or chicks. Human things to do around a nesting location can guide to momentary or lasting abandonment of the nest by the grown ups leaving chicks vulnerable to hypothermia, starvation, and predation. Human disturbance that potential customers to chick mortality slows the recovery of this when endangered species.

Signs at trail heads and trail junctions about the closed regions indicate where by general public entry is prohibited. The reopening of the shut regions is envisioned when nesting tries do well or perhaps quicker if nesting makes an attempt fail. General public entry into a closed location is a violation of federal laws, which is punishable by a good, imprisonment, or both.  To find out extra about peregrine falcons, please go to “Peregrine Falcons in Acadia.”

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