NPS Director Chuck Sams extends his congratulations to Yellowstone National Park in commemoration of the park’s 150th birthday.

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Nationwide Park Support Director Chuck Sams and loved ones check out Yellowstone Nationwide Park in 2011

Chuck Sams

News Release Date: March 1, 2022

Now we celebrate the 150th birthday of Yellowstone Countrywide Park. For almost 7 generations now the American folks and our company have been able to expertise the elegance and majesty of Previous Devoted, Minerva Terrace, Morning Glory Pool, the Grand Prismatic Spring, and the Yellowstone River, and marvel at the bison, wolves, elk, wildflowers and a lot of other amazing web sites.  

We also rejoice something considerably even bigger than the park itself—the starting of the countrywide park plan, an thought that distribute as a result of the state and all around the world, inspiring governments to protect pure and cultural treasures “for the gain and enjoyment of the individuals.”  

I’ve been blessed enough to take a look at many moments, and very pleased to share with my household our particular connection to these lands. So substantially of what most Americans contact “wilderness,” American Indians connect with “Home.”  Indigenous people served as the original stewards of these lands, being familiar with that the pure methods of land, h2o, air, flora, and fauna authorized human beings not only to endure but to prosper. This connection to the land has driven me in my life span dedication to stewardship.  

Regardless of the non-Native perception that much of North The usa was somehow wild and untamed, Indigenous peoples have cared for these lands given that time immemorial, making use of standard ecological know-how received more than countless numbers of yrs. These first stewards managed crops and animals for foodstuff, medications, and equipment, and done managed burns to avert widespread hearth and nurture plant and animal everyday living. Now, we do the job together with lots of Tribal groups in Yellowstone and other parks as we do the job to fortify and regard Indigenous connections.  

As the park notion begins its up coming 150 a long time, we welcome new visitors, new views, and new tales. Satisfying the promise of the park strategy means our people will also study and be moved by Selma and Stonewall, even as they are awed by Yellowstone and Yosemite.  

It’s all element of the American story, and I am pleased to lead an company which is helping to inform it.  

Chuck Sams 
Director, National Park Service 

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