Multiple Search and Rescue Incidents Over Weekend Due to Excessive Heat

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NPS/Della Yurcik

News Release Day: June 22, 2020

Get in touch with: Joelle Baird, 928-638-7609

Grand Canyon, AZ– Grand Canyon Countrywide Park rangers responded to many heat related search and rescue incidents this past weekend. Hikers and backpackers trying hikes in the interior canyon are strongly inspired to be well prepared for excessively hot temperatures and to comprehend their individual physical limits in purchase to protect against unexpected emergency circumstances for by themselves and responders.
On Saturday, June 20, Phantom Ranch rangers responded to a river runner enduring heat health issues and exhaustion on a Colorado River excursion. The river runner drank an abnormal amount of water, foremost to hyponatremia and an altered degree of consciousness. The park’s helicopter and ambulance transported the individual to the Flagstaff Health-related Middle in Flagstaff, Arizona.
On Sunday, June 21, Indian Yard rangers responded to a hiker going through an altered level of consciousness on the Shiny Angel Trail. When rangers arrived they observed the hiker was in heat stroke and immediately used lively cooling steps. The affected person was transferred by way of helicopter to the Flagstaff Professional medical Center.
Other incidents this weekend involved helps for hikers experiencing heat exhaustion on the Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails.
Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park are strongly urging visitors who prepare to hike in the canyon to consider more safety measures and hike good. Hikers must hike prior to 10 a.m. and following 4 p.m., rest in shade anytime attainable, and avoid hiking during the warmth of the working day. Rangers suggest that any person climbing in heat demands to harmony food and h2o ingestion, consume when thirsty, and get moist to continue to be great.
All website visitors ought to be certain they are ingesting lots of fluids, resting in shade in the course of the warmth of the day, and viewing for signs of distress in traveling companions. Site visitors are also reminded they ought to be prepared to self-rescue though on the canyon’s trails and recreate responsibly while browsing the park. Additional information and facts about mountaineering sensible in the heat is obtainable at


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