Injured Bear Euthanized After Vehicle Collision in Glacier NP

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Date: September 27, 2021

Make contact with: Gina Kerzman

WEST GLACIER, Mont. [September 27, 2021] – On September 23 at roughly 2 p.m., an injured black bear was identified alongside Likely-to-the-Sunshine Highway two miles east of Mounting Sun.

An original investigation by the Countrywide Park Services indicated the bear suffered unsurvivable traumatic accidents from contact with a motor vehicle at somewhere around 1:40 p.m., September 23. Rangers, soon after consulting with the park’s wildlife biologist, euthanized the bear.

A area necropsy disclosed a severely broken jaw, an hurt foreleg and a possibly damaged ribcage and lung location. The male bear was believed to be 2.5-5 many years outdated and appeared to be in if not good well being.

The visitor who strike the bear did not report the incident, so the circumstances of the collision are unidentified. The place of the incident was in an space with vegetation close to the road, which could have obscured the bear’s movement onto the road and may well have played a position.

When touring in the park, it is critical to bear in mind that all roadways traverse wildlife habitat and speed limits ought to be noticed for the basic safety of not only people, but wildlife as perfectly.

Slower speeds make it possible for drivers more time to respond to the movements of wildlife that may perhaps be obscured from instant check out. If you have a motor car incident in the park, report it to the closest Ranger or Visitor Center to reduce further more damage to other site visitors who could take place upon the animal along the roadway or other wildlife who may perhaps arrive to scavenge on the carcass.

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