Help search for emerald ash borers during bark peeling workshop

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Day: November 26, 2019

Call: Christie Anastasia, 207 288-8806

BAR HARBOR, MAINE – The Nationwide Park Company and the Maine Section of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry are hosting an ash tree bark peeling workshop to look for for an invasive forest insect pest, the emerald ash borer (EAB), on Wed, Dec 4 from 8:30 am until eventually mid-afternoon. The workshop will be held in the “fire motor bay,” a heated garage at park headquarters, Acadia Countrywide Park, 20 McFarland Hill Drive, Bar Harbor.

Girdled trap trees are one of the tools made use of to detect this extremely invasive exotic forest insect pest. The bark is stripped of an ash tree in a long band all-around the tree, cutting off the movement of vitamins and h2o in between the crown and roots. Girdling stresses the tree and brings about it to emit chemical compounds that attract grownup EAB in the spot. The beetles then lay their eggs among the the furrows of the bark. After the eggs hatch, the larvae bury into the tree and start off to feed on the cambium, killing the tree inside 3 to 5 a long time. Two little ash trees have been girdled in the park this spring and extra trap trees were girdled by cooperating landowners in jap Maine. These trees will be slice, peeled, and inspected for indicators of the beetle. EAB was confirmed in Maine in 2018 when infested ash trees have been identified in northern Aroostook County and in York County. In 2019, EAB was identified on a entice in the metropolis of Portland, ME.
With EAB now documented in Maine, it will become even a lot more vital to keep track of its motion and avoid its unfold into new places. Adult EABs may well be able to fly a couple of miles on their very own in a solitary yr, but shifting infested firewood can distribute them hundreds of miles in a solitary working day. To aid secure Maine’s forests from EAB and other invasive wood-uninteresting bugs, it is very vital to purchase firewood from a local source where you camp. The advice is to only use firewood inside a 50-mile radius of exactly where the firewood was gathered and wherever the firewood will be burned, even inside Maine.
The public is welcome to drop in at any time throughout the workshop and find out to the right way peel ash trees to detect EAB. No reservations are required. If you have a smaller college team and would like to program a drop-in, you should plan right with park biologist Jesse Wheeler at 207-288-8722. In the occasion of a wintertime storm, the workshop will be rescheduled for Thursday, December 5. Make sure you make contact with park biologist Jesse Wheeler for a lot more information at the cell phone amount previously mentioned or at e-mail us.

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