Grand Canyon National Park Requests River Guides and Boaters Bypass Havasu Canyon

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The confluence of Havasu Creek with the Colorado River. NPS/Erin Whittaker

News Launch Date: July 1, 2020

Get hold of: Joelle Baird, 928-638-7609

Powerful promptly, the National Park Service (NPS) is requesting all river trips, both equally business and non-commercial, to voluntarily bypass Havasu Canyon on the Colorado river, positioned at river mile 157. This request is an energy to reduce the distribute of the COVID-19 virus and to further more safeguard the Havasupai folks and their conventional lands. River guides and boaters are inspired to honor this request out of regard and basic safety for the Havasupai individuals. 

The Havasupai reservation is underneath an unexpected emergency closure due to the COVID-19 virus. Entry into the reservation is prohibited and will be strictly enforced by the Havasupai Tribe. Tenting at the confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River is always prohibited. The Tribe has stationed legislation enforcement at the boundary in between the reservation and the park and will implement any tries to violate the closure order. The Tribe will share with NPS team any information collected on people or firms violating the closure buy. 

The NPS and the Havasupai Tribe will proceed to evaluate conditions and adjust operations as needed to offer for the protection of the Havasupai inhabitants and boaters. 

Grand Canyon Nationwide Park’s leadership is dedicated to doing work carefully with its neighboring tribal communities to assure that growing obtain to the park is finished in a manner that is sensitive to their pursuits and problems. Park management respects the position of the Havasupai Tribe and their want to safeguard tribal users and lands. For additional info on the Havasupai reservation, go to: 

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