Cedar Ridge Composting Toilet Facility on South Kaibab Trail Temporarily Unavailable

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Information Launch Date: April 23, 2021

Speak to: Kaitlyn Thomas, 202-763-3440

Grand Canyon, AZ – April 25 through May possibly 10, 2021, the Cedar Ridge composting rest room facility will be briefly unavailable to hikers on the South Kaibab Path. Hikers need to use the restroom amenities at the trailhead prior to getting into the canyon. 

Grand Canyon trail crew team will near the Cedar Ridge composting bathroom facility on the South Kaibab Trail for much needed maintenance, evacuation, and rehabilitation. The tanks will have to be entirely evacuated to perform the necessary servicing.

For website visitors scheduling on climbing the South Kaibab Path, make sure you use the restroom services at the trailhead prior to starting a hike. The bogs at the trailhead will be unaffected throughout the rehabilitation system.

For updates on path position, make sure you check out the Grand Canyon Nationwide Park internet site:  https://go.nps.gov/trailstatus.


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