Black History Month Commemorated at Gettysburg NMP and Eisenhower NHS

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Basil Biggs and his relatives stand in front of their property along Taneytown Street.

News Release Day: February 18, 2021

Call: Jason Martz

To commemorate Black Heritage Month, Gettysburg National Army Park and Eisenhower Nationwide Historic Web-site are highlighting heritage related with the African American knowledge in Gettysburg. 

New interpretive waysides on the battlefield mark the properties of two of Gettysburg’s African American people. At the Abraham Brian farm found on Cemetery Ridge, the wayside points out the problems faced by black citizens all through and right after the Gettysburg Campaign. Together the Taneytown Road Trail, a wayside panel shares the tale of Basil Biggs and his family. Biggs, a nearby veterinarian and alleged conductor on the Underground Railroad, was accountable for exhuming the bodies of slain Union soldiers pursuing the battle and instrumental in the development of the Soldiers’ Nationwide Cemetery.  

The park not too long ago rehabilitated the exterior of the property of the Warfield loved ones who ended up associates of Gettysburg’s African American local community. The complete restoration procedure is documented on the park’s website, like time lapse video clips and image albums that present behind-the-scenes accessibility via every single stage of the undertaking.  

The Eisenhower Nationwide Historic Internet site will emphasize stories about the Civil Rights Motion with a precise concentration on John and Delores Moaney. John Moaney served as an aide and valet to General Eisenhower during Entire world War II and remained with him in different capacities during Eisenhower’s presidency and right until the president’s loss of life in 1969. 

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