Backcountry Users Advised on Changes in Water Availability Beginning October 11

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The A few-Mile Resthouse along the Brilliant Angel Path

NPS Photo/M. Quinn

News Release Date: Oct 6, 2021

Contact: Joelle Baird, 928-606-3154

Powerful October 11, 2021, the National Park Support (NPS) will start shutting off h2o to the higher Dazzling Angel and North Kaibab Trails.

Drinking water filling stations will be shut off for the period alongside the Dazzling Angel and North Kaibab trails influencing Mile-and-a-Half and 3-Mile relaxation homes on the Vivid Angel Path and Supai Tunnel on the North Kaibab Path. This adjustment is required thanks to an incoming chilly entrance and projected freezing right away temperatures which will effects the Transcanyon Drinking water Distribution Pipeline.

Water filling stations will continue to be accessible at the following areas together the Vivid Angel and North Kaibab trails:  

North Kaibab Path

Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground

Vibrant Angel Trail

Info on Corridor Path drinking water availability is available on the park’s site at: Significant Backcountry Updates: Grand Canyon National Park



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