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Day: November 19, 2020

Get in touch with: Gina Kerzman, 406-888-5838

Last month, 125,544 website visitors entered the park in Oct compared to 78,408 in Oct 2019. The ordinary selection of guests in Oct for the past a few several years is about 85,000.  

Over-all, the park observed a reduction in website visitors in between June and September. The park was closed to site visitors from March 24 to June 8 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitation was down 70% in June, 50% in July, 40% in August and 30% in September. 

Due to the Blackfeet Tribal Small business Council’s resolution restricting non-crucial travel on the reservation, the east entrances to the park and Going-to-the-Sunlight Street were being closed via-out the season. Website visitors were being expected to enter and exit Going-to-the-Sunlight Highway by using the west entrance and targeted visitors was permitted as much as Rising Sun on the east side. The west entrance carries on to be the only accessibility stage for the park during the winter season year. 

Though the alpine sections of the Heading-to-the-Sunshine Road in Glacier National Park are shut for the season, site visitors can push 15.5 miles of the road from the west entrance to Avalanche Creek. There are no lodging or meals services available in the park this time of 12 months.  

Wintertime weather circumstances at times bring about highway closures. Visitors are inspired to check the Recreational Obtain Display (RAD) or get in touch with 406-888-7800 and pick selection 1 for the most current highway update.  

Learn a lot more about winter season operations at Glacier Countrywide Park on our Checking out in Winter season webpage. For extra customer inquiries, call park headquarters at 406-888-7800.

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